Area meeting – a meeting for business administration and decision-making for a group of local meetings which are geographically close to each other. Attender – A person who worships regularly with Friends but who is not formally a member of the Religious Society of Friends. Quakers generally don’t tend to be fussed about who is a member, and some Friends are regular attenders for decades. Birthright – Until the late s a person who was born to a Quaker family automatically became a member of the Society by right of birth, hence birthright! Nowadays an application must be made to become a member of the Society. Since then the term has come to be used more loosely to describe any Friend born of Quaker parents.

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Fox experienced a crisis of faith in the s leading him to travel the country seeking other dissenters. Beginning in , Fox preached across England. At one early meeting a local preacher silenced a woman in his congregation and Fox demanded she be allowed to speak, an early example of the Quakers’ commitment to egalitarianism.

Despite persecution and imprisonment, Fox’s teachings spread across England, including several instances where he converted the very men tasked with his imprisonment.

Website, The Quaker Oats Company, known as Quaker, is an American food conglomerate based in Quaker Oats advertising dating back to did, indeed, identify the “Quaker man” as William Penn, and referred to him​.

The Book of Discipline Revision Preparation Group invites you to join with us, and other Quakers across the country, in reading and getting to know our current Book of Discipline. Love is the hardest lesson in Christianity; but, for that reason, it should be most our care to learn it. Our name, the Religious Society of Friends, suggests that we think of ourselves not only as Friends in the Truth, which the early Quakers saw themselves to be, but also as a society of friends, prizing friendship highly and recognising its value for the religious life.

In our intimate relationships, as in the wider community of our meeting, openness to one another can open us to the Holy Spirit and enable us to acknowledge that of God in our own hearts and in those of our friends. We are called to obedient love even though we may not be feeling very loving. Often it is through the performance of loving acts that loving feelings can be built up in us. We may start with small, perhaps very tiny steps. Throughout life, rejoice in every aspect of friendship.

Blessed indeed are those who enjoy a rich diversity of friends and who participate in many varying relationships. We all have the capacity of being sons and daughters, sisters and brothers, uncles and aunts, wives and husbands, metaphorically if not through blood-relationships. As well we are all both teachers and learners, both thinkers and workers, both employees and employers, nurses, parents and neighbours.

We are most fortunate in being friends and lovers. There is a part of us which from childhood is absolutely alone. When we fall in love we imagine we have found an ultimate assuagement of loneliness.

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For over years, the AFSC has upheld Quaker beliefs in nonviolence The organization’s website also posts frequent Action Alerts calling on As the editor​-in-chief of , I oversee content strategy, social.

I decided that the first collection to be tackled should be the Friends Ambulance Unit FAU archives, as it is smaller in size and more straightforward to catalogue. It comprises 47 boxes of material dating from to The material is in various formats: files of correspondence, reports and minutes, some packed too tightly into their original, now unsuitable, s boxes , personnel records, Convoy and Section records from areas of operation particularly good for China , newspaper clippings, accounting records, drafts of chapters for the official history of FAU, camp diaries, journals, newsletters, bulletins, pamphlets, photographs and films.

Above is a snaphot of some items to show the range of material within the collection: documents in a variety of languages, printed items, photographs, personnel records etc. The first weeks were spent getting to know the collection by undertaking a brief box listing, paying attention to the condition of the material for conservation planning.

Fortunately, the collection seems to be in pretty good condition apart from the fragility of some of the wartime stationery used in the correspondence files and one or two volumes which need more than just basic conservation treatment. The box listing has given me an overall view of the archives and some good pointers to how to approach its cataloguing. A general picture of the various functional bodies within the FAU has emerged, and thanks to some traces of the original filing systems, it has been fairly easy to spot how the record series were originally kept and what functions of the FAU these records reflect.

Reading through the Accessions folder for this collection, the old handlists, and a few documents in the FAU files, a clear picture emerged of how the archive was formed from multiple deposits of records between and

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We will also extend the borrowing period for any books that you have until the library reopens. For further enquiries email: Learning woodbrooke. The library is a private collection of resources which is an integral part of our learning programme and designed primarily to support these programmes.

‘Women’s Speaking Justified’: Women and Discipline in the Early Quaker Movement, DOI: ; Published online by Details of his dating system, and of the history of the Thomason Collection as a.

Gainsborough, Lincolnshire. Visit us and share its atmosphere of peace, talk to us about the experience of being a Quaker and find out the history of Quakerism in Lincolnshire. The church was built in as a memorial to John Robinson who was known as the ‘pastor to the Pilgrim Fathers’. We’d love to keep you posted when we add new churches, trails and inspiring ideas for places to visit. Sign up to our monthly five minute update.

ExploreChurches has been developed by the National Churches Trust using our core funds. Please consider making a donation or, even better, become a Friend of the National Churches Trust. Your church is unique, we would love to include it on ExploreChurches. It’s quick and simple.

The Future is Ours and our Children’s

L ast August I was sent to write about the post-evangelical Greenbelt festival. Being an atheist who abhors proselytising and finds evangelism extremely problematic, I initially made a reluctant observer. But as the day unfolded, I stood corrected in some of my preconceptions: the festival supported liberal ideas, hosted inter-faith debates and embraced some facets of radical activism.

One event in particular stood out: I found myself unexpectedly moved to the verge of tears while attending my first Quaker meeting. My reaction was uncharacteristic, but I had no particular desire to analyse it in either religious or secular terms. I did, however, decide to find out more about the Quaker faith.

The acre park-like property also has a burial ground dating to the early 18th century. It is surrounded by a dressed stone wall. The Long Plain Friends.

Built in on land donated to Quakers by on a 5, year lease, Farfield is one of the oldest Quaker meeting houses. The Act of Toleration was an important step on the road to religious freedom that we today take for granted. Farfield Meeting House was built that same year by Quakers who had previously had to worship in secret. This small and deliberately modest building is therefore an important monument on the road to freedom of belief and religious diversity.

You can download a short guide to Farfield Friends’ Meeting House here. Visitors are welcome to eat their picnic in the small walled burial ground where there is a bench seat, but we ask you please to take away any litter with you. The meeting house is on the Dales Way where it crosses the B Ilkley road. Please take care as sight lines are poor. The Dales Way Association organises events and lists accommodation.

There is parking for two cars only.

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These words appeared for many years on the cover of The Friend, a Quaker weekly. We Friends generally are reticent about making statements regarding our beliefs, in the knowledge that each member of our denomination of the Christian church is likely to use different words to express their particular interpretation of the essentials, let alone the non-essentials.

Of course belief in God, in Jesus Christ, and in the Spirit is the bedrock on which The Religious Society of Friends to give us our proper title is founded. From the very start in the Bible has been of central importance to us, coupled with our belief in direct communion with God. He shared his revelation, that Christ would speak directly without an intermediary to those who sought him, with like-minded seekers. Our distinctive form of worship became and still is the central and most important part of the movement, namely a meeting in which all that are gathered worship and pray together in quiet dependence on God, seeking his will and guidance.

A touchingly simple building dating from , with a few later additions, it remains talk to us about the experience of being a Quaker and find out the history of Quakerism in Lincolnshire. Quaker Meeting House External links. Website.

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Request new password. Login Login. The Future is Ours and our Children’s. Historically, Friends have not been afraid to identify and face major issues, whether they have been kingly proclamations, slavery, conditions in prisons or world wars. At Yearly Meeting , Kevin Tate and Robert Howell graphically brought to our attention the looming environmental crisis that has been created largely by Western over-consumption in our lifetimes.

Collectively, we have increased atmospheric carbon dioxide levels dramatically, to the point where global temperatures are beginning to rise.